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JTWhatsApp is a unique alternative to the original WhatsApp MOD. It has new features which are not available in the original version of WhatsApp. The new privacy update of the original WhatsApp has restricted functionality which has shaken up the whole community of WhatsApp and now users are looking for other options.

Because of the new features of the messaging services, JTWhatsApp is getting more popular because of its anti-ban feature and another feature that enables you to make two accounts WhatsApp on the same phone, this is the most widely used feature of Jimods whatsApp+ Jt WhatsApp.

About JTWhatsApp

JT WhatsApp APK is an improved version of the original version of WhatsApp with many new features. It is commonly used for sending photographs, group chats, and videos. JTWhatsApp is now one of the most effective applications in our everyday lives.

The use of JTWhatsApp is the same as using the original WhatsApp. The JTWhatsApp APK is free to download and there are no charges for extra features it can be downloaded both on Android devices and PCs.

JT WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp

DND Modecheckcross
Calls Disablecheckcross
File Sending Limit999MB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Messagecheckcross
Bulk Messagecheckcross
Online Statuscheckcross
Custom Fontcheckcross
Security Lockcheckcross
Icon Changecheckcross


The following are the most recent changes made to the application in the most recent version of WhatsApp.

  • Using the same smartphone, you can now make two accounts on WhatsApp.
  • The sending capacity of the size of videos is increasing to 16 to 30 MB.
  • The number of sending images and the size of the image have also increased, now you can send up to 9 images in a single time.
  • While sending the videos and images the image quality is compressed but in this, the picture resolution will remain the same.
  • The number of characters also increased. You can You now have 250 characters rather than the previous 139.
  • The JTWhatsApp APK download supports a variety of file formats like ZIP, RTF, PDF, XLS, and many others.
  • You can make group Admin Indicator on or off.
  • The search bar can be used to filter unread Messages.
  • There is now a new drawing pen available.
  • The people who can view you online can be selected by you.
  • You can see the former members of groups.

Detail Features of JTWhatsApp


JTWhatsApp has an anti-ban function that defends against your account getting suspended. The anti-ban feature is introduced to make our WhatsApp accounts more secure so it should not limit your use.

Theme Customization:

JTwhatsApp has several themes and Users can also customize their themes by selecting alternative sizes for each item in JTWhatsApp, including icons, fonts, locations, and more. moreover, you can choose any color and make it your default font color in your chats while using the JT WhatsApp APK.

Send Forward Messages:

On WhatsApp, if someone sends you a forwarded message it is automatically marked as “forwarded. JTWhatsApp has a privacy function that can remove the tag and stop receiving posts with the forward tag.

Read Deleted Messages:

This JT WhatsApp includes a fantastic feature of “read deleted messages”.  By enabling this feature from settings, you can read the messages that are deleted by the sender. Moreover, you can also see the images and videos that are deleted.

Send media in High-quality:

While transferring documents over the original version of the WhatsApp system, several people have experienced quality problems due to the size of the files. If the files are not compressed it will restrict their transmission to the sender.

In JT WhatsApp the file size restriction and compression issue are resolved in the updated version, and it enables the sharing of large files and lengthy videos without the need to compress or break them up. Moreover, there is no need for compression of images before sending the media and you can send high-image quality.

Freeze Last Seen:

JT WhatsApp has a feature to freeze your WhatsApp last seen. Users can enable this option so the people in their contact list will not be able to see when they were last online and it will give the impression to others that you have not been active on WhatsApp.

Hide the view of Status: By enabling this option you can see the status of any person from your contact list, and they will not know that you have seen the status.

Download JT WhatsApp’s Latest Version for Android

To download JTWhatsApp your phone must have Android 4.0 or a later version because this is a beta version. Moreover, before the installation change the phone settings to “install from unknown sources” and then install the application.

file name NameJTWhatsApp
version Versionv9.91
size Size77.9 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and higher
category CategoryCommunication
developer DeveloperJimtech
update date Latest update23 November 2023

Before downloading an APK file, we highly advise you to check if your device meets the minimum system requirements. These requirements include a version of your Android operating system and plenty of storage space. Otherwise, the installation process may not be successful.

How to install JT WhatsApp on Android phones

The JTWhatsApp is a great application for Android phones which is mainly used to communicate and connect with other people by sending messages, images, and videos. Download JT WhatsApp on your phone by following these simple steps and get unlimited features.

The JTWhatsApp is a great application for Android phones which is mainly used to communicate and connect with other people by sending messages, images, and videos. Download JT WhatsApp on your phone by following these simple steps and get unlimited features.

  • Step 1: Go to our website and download the APK file of JTWhatsApp
  • Step 2: Uninstall the original version of WhatsApp from your phone.
  • Step 3: Go To the downloads folder in your phone and click on the JTWhatsApp APK file, and you will get a notification of allowing this type of file.
  • Step 4: Click on Allow to install the JTWhatsApp file
  • Step 5: Once the installation is complete, open JTWhatsApp and use your number to log in.
  • Step 6: After login, it will ask you to restore your data by backup using backup files.


What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is similar to the original version of WhatsApp but it has a variety of different features included in it. It allows users to use these new privacy features and customization for a better experience.

How do I update JTWhatsApp?

To update your JTWhatsApp for a better experience you need to check our website for new updates and the latest versions of JTWHATSAPP APK files.

Is JTWhatsApp Safe To Use?

If you are wondering whether it is safe to download the JTWHATSAPP or not, then you do not need to worry about it because it is safe to download the JTWhatsApp APK file.


JTWhatsApp (WhatsApp+ JiMODs) will completely make your messaging & calling experience more fun. So, we recommend you get the latest version of JT WhatsApp and take advantage of further personalization and privacy features.

What do you think of JTWhatsApp? Download it now and let us know what you think in the comment section below.